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How To Get Rid Of Dry, Chapped Lips

So, you’ve tried everything you can think of to get rid of your dry and chapped lips. You’ve increased your water intake, you exfoliate, use the finest of lip balms, and still your lips are as dry as two saltine crackers.

The problem may be in what you’re using to wash your face…especially if your facial cleanser has ingredients to help with acne. Your facial cleanser, although it may have your skin looking great, may be too harsh for your lips.

I'm sure that you are not using your cleanser directly on your lips, (at least, I hope that you're not) but, as you rinse off your cleanser, it will inadvertently get on your lips and suck out all the moisture.

Now that we have identified what the problem could be, here’s a solution.

You must protect your lips by creating a barrier over them to prevent the cleanser from making contact.

Here’s what I do every time I wash my face:

STEP 1: Take some Vaseline (Aquaphor is a great alternative as well) on your finger.

Your regular lip balms or glosses are not thick enough to use for this step.

STEP 2: Coat your entire lip with the Vaseline and go a bit over your lip line so that your lips are fully protected

Coat your entire lip plus a bit outside of the lip line with Vaseline

STEP 3: Wash your face as you normally would - avoiding the lip area

STEP 4: Rinse off your cleanser

Bonus Step: For an extra moisture boost, leave the Vaseline on while you shower, to allow the steam to help break down the dry and flaky skin.

STEP 5: Wipe away the Vaseline with a warm cloth

Wipe away the Vaseline with a soft cloth

STEP 6: Now you've got buttery soft lips

[Video Tutorial] Beauty Hack to Get Rid Of Dry Lips

Question: What do you use to keep your lips soft?

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